Documentation Vs Blogs

Nowadays lot of people are too lazy to read documentation. Some say it’s because there are so many blogs nowadays offering useful information, that it’s simply easier to search on Google than to search from a documentation. Or even finding the official documentation could be easier. While it’s partly true, it’s definitely not the whole truth at all.

Recently I put up a site for a friend of mine and we couldn’t find the rss feed url. Reading through all the documentation a company as huge as WordPress has to offer would have never gotten us the answer. Finally a blog post about WordPress missing RSS feed gave me the simple solution in an instant!

The other side of the truth is that documentation is not optimized. Documentation is basically meant to explain to you the workings of a certain program or interface for example. I don’t think they are even intended in problem solving. For this blog such as these are simply perfect!

So it’s nothing to do with laziness, it’s more like the evolution of the internet. Documentation did not evolve.. so someone else had to. And now there is a whole market for this kind of thing.

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