Competing In The Real World

There are many different ways to win in this world. Some people like to think of everyone as a winner, while some think only a few can truly win. Of course it all depends on the perspective that you want to take on the issue. But for sure, there are different ways to win, or lose.

The traditional method of winning is by entering competitions and hoping that you get lucky. But the fact is that most people will not be able to win in this way. Those who have a lot of time to spend will most likely win something in their lives like that and indeed that attitude is not bad at all. If you don’t bet, you cannot win they say. And that applies to everything from lottery coupons to your wife.

The other method is competition without depending on luck. We all know what that is about, as everyone is subject to this kind of competition during their lives. Society is simply built that way, you cannot just be, you have to be better than others or something. Otherwise you cannot survive, because unfortunately in this world there are still many people who simply cease to exist if they are unable to compete.

But the third one, is the one above all. It’s a way of thinking that the truth is that everyone is a winner and there are simply no losers in this world. And the magic is that simply by “thinking in this way”, one is able to win. It’s really true and it works.. I mean, there is simply no argument against it. And why not live in that kind of a place.. it’s actually real freedom and equality where everyone who thinks they have won, wins!


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