The Amazing Beijing Show of The Jiang Zhou Drum

I previously gave some views on the acrobatic show at Chaoyang Theater. Which continues to be one of the most popular venues in the whole of Beijing. Believe it or not, I have seen it several times since I wrote that article and recommended it to many friends. All of which have been very pleased with the performance. Chinese acrobatics are of high quality, at least the one in Chaoyang district. However it’s not all that.

There is indeed one Beijing drum show, that everyone had anticipated just as the acrobatic one back in the days. And with such a high quality in performance, no wonder it is the same theatre venue, Chaoyang Theater that hosts this show. The troup is coming from “Jiang Zhou” which is the birthplace of the Jiang Zhou Drum. It is very ancient and traditional Chinese instrument, that just as acrobatics, opera and many other forms of performing art take many long years to learn. And when you talk about mastering the art, we are talking in tens of years!

Incredible isn’t it. However, it really needs to be seen as it can be something rather difficult to believe! 🙂 The rhythm of this particular drum is something so intense, that is hard to stay on your seat while you watch the performance. I know because I was one of the lucky ones to experience it first hand.

The show starts with a very atmospheric mood as the lights turn off and the drumming starts with subtle tones… however, once the show is in full swing, bright lights are lit and the speed of r the drumming has become so fast that it’s hard to believe they have perfected the whole thing in such an elite level. It makes me exited just thinking about it. Still not so many westerners don’t know about this performance but the truth is that the Beijing locals have already fell in love with it. And that’s for a reason!

— Nick

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