Hosting Websites with SSL – No Need to be Expensive

Once again, the truth is more astonishing than the fiction. Because I had been living within the understanding, that to host a website with SSL protection is definitely not cheap. Now with the new (or old for some) Google ranking factor, where SSL secured websites are given a little boost in the SERP rankings.. you start to think about the situation again. Is it really worth it to secure a website, and will my users really appriciate the benefit. Well of course it depends on a lot of things, one of which if you are running an online store or not for example. User data is sensitive no matter what, and so does seem to think Google who likes to harvest it all for it’s own use. But I don’t judge, as they are doing their best to promote internet security at the same time. I would love to jump to the times of secure websites and even blogs, such as this trublog if I would have the money. Or so I thought.

Often enough, people have very funny thoughts when they don’t actually know anything about the truth it self. So I went to investigate what was the real deal here. Before even doing a search on Google itself, I went to see a popular website that I know to be an expert in web hosting issues. And turns out it really is my day, because there was a fresh article that explained all about it. For those who want to know more and cant wait, see the SSL web hosting guide for excellent information on the subject of, well, everything SSL & cheap too! It contains a lot of suprising facts, which seem that ever change Google changed it’s rules.. the times have been changing in a big way. Affordable options popping up in many places. While still most web hosting companies are have quite expensive SSL certificate hosting options, they will eventually have to move with the times if they want to get that precious individual customer renevue. Companies will continue to pay big bucks, because it just makes sense. Or does it? Time will tell!

As far as I understood it, pretty much the biggest game changer is Server Name Indication (SNI) technology. It’s an extension for TLS, or Transport Layer Security. What it does, is enable these certificates be verified only by domain which can be under a shared IP address. As many of you know, there are no IP addresses left for sale anymore. Especially as the Chinese have seemed to take quite the liking for the internet if you know what I mean. But before we change to IPv6 completely, the price of an IP address will continue to be high. That’s why it’s just natural to create a solution what doesn’t require any kind of unique or dedicated IP solutions.

This is really wonderful news, and means that you, me or anyone can now easily engage into SSL web hosting sollutions that are not just cheap, but out of the box! Secure internet for everyone, SSL for everyone!

— Nick

PS. I hope you like the new & elegant look of the trublog!

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  1. Very valuable information and so, the truth. Being “cheap” so to say, doesn’t always mean a lack of quality or anything. Very excellent post this one!


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