Benefits of using the Amazon Associates Program

Amazon is the largest e-commerce store in the world. In 2015, it surpassed the popular brick and mortar store ‘Walmart’, as the most valuable retailer in the United States.

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A significant part of the website’s $90 billion revenue comes from associates who refer products on the site. In fact, Amazon, apart from being one of the first movers in the e-commerce, was also one of the first companies to start the online affiliate program. The Amazon Associates Program was started as early as July 1996. There are many people who earn thousands of dollars every month through this program.

How does it all work?

By virtue of this program, Amazon associates can place text links or banners on their website or blogs, which sends the visitor to the Amazon home, offers or products page. Whenever a visitor clicks on the banner or text link on the associate’s blog or website, he or she goes to the specific product page on Amazon. If he or she buys an item (for instance, a book), the associates receives a commission.

Benefits of Amazon Associates Program

  • is now a household name, a trusted brand the world over; which means a user has a higher chance to buy from this site , than any other. Besides, Amazon has competitive rates for their products with regular offers and a no-questions asked money-back policy, in case of dissatisfaction.
  • Amazon offers many tools for the affiliate marketer to use on her website. They are in the form of banners that easily blend with the content on the website, widgets and text links. They also offer Product Advertising API so that the affiliate marketer can get access to a wide range of Amazon products and profit from their from features like ‘similar products’, ‘customer reviews’ and ‘new listings’ which can be included on his or her website.
  • You can benefit from comprehensive reports like earnings reports, daily reports, daily trends and such other tools to maximize his or her performance.
  • You get paid for all the products that a visitor buys by clicking on your affiliate link. For instance, if you have included a particular brand of mobile phone as an affiliate link on your site and the user follows your link to buy other products, you get paid for all of those, as well.

How much commission?

Depending on product categories, you get paid fixed commission. For most product categories, it is 10 percent. Consumer electronics earn 5 percent, gift cards make 5 percent. Clothing and shoes attract 12 percent as affiliate revenue.

In which countries is the program available?

The program is available not just in the United States and Canada which are known as some of the flag stores. You can also join to the programs of the following countries: Japan, Australia, China, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, United Kingdom. For detailed information on joining the Japanese version of Amazon, see this guide for ‘Amazon Associates Japan‘ for more information in English.

How to increase sales and make more money?

  1. Make sure that your website or blog has enough content on the product that you advertise. Simply said, more traffic to your site equates to higher chances of people clicking on the Amazon Associates link to see what is in store for them. A good product comparison site or a review site with good information has an edge.
  2. A niche based website converts better than a generic site. For instance, of going for a music-based website, you can start a guitar-based website, if you intend to sell guitars and string-based instruments through your site.
  3. You can also market your product on social media in the form of a Facebook Business Page or through a Pinterest Board. Regularly update these pages or board with continuous interactive content to get the numbers up and interact with your members. Just make sure that you do not flood your social media page with affiliate links. Less is definitely more.

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