Dreams still an unexplained but insightful phenomenon

Still no one can exactly explain what a dream really is. It’s still shrouded with mystery and questions left open which researchers have been unable to answer. Interestingly we don’t really know why we are sleeping but everyone has experienced what happens if you don’t. Tiredness, reduction in memory and concentration skills are common symptoms. Longer periods can even promote depression, obesity and heart decease which can all be connected to lack of sleep.

During sleep a conscious connection with life is resting. Although sleeping the brain is not. Quite the opposite, it’s working actively during sleep. You could say that the energy levels of the brain is regenerated and what’s learned during the day is ordered and processed in the brain. That’s why it’s better to sleep well before making important decisions in life. After your brain has had a good time to process the information, you are ready to confront life.

One could roughly divide sleep into three parts. Light dreaming, deep dreaming and a state called the REM sleep. The first part of sleep is the deep dreaming state where if woken up one feels very heavy and sleepy. The end part is the light sleep where you experience the REM state with dreams.

Each part has their own duty. Deep sleep is important to feel vital, light sleep and dreaming is important for your brain to work the next day. Some say that it even promotes creativity.

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