Understanding Chinese Acrobatics, First Stop at the Chaoyang Theatre

Since we have extensively covered some realities of various performing art forms in China, I thought that it would be fair to also give a glimpse to the world of Chinese Acrobatics. In order to dwell into the origins of this ancient art form, one of the best places for such insight is the Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing.

This old theatre has seen years and years of stage performances and thus is one of the main witnesses of the evolution of Chinese Acrobatics. The theatre has hard fought it’s position in the theatre world and to understand it’s significance as an highly important landmark symbol in Beijing, one has to understand that it is located in the midst of new highrise office buildings. The city where demolition of old buildings is done without much thought, this building has survived.

The reason is not of the building, but what happens inside of it. Until this day, daily shows are performed that teach tourists from all over the world what are the capabilities of Chinese acrobats. Some suspect that the venue is too touristic for such an insightful view, however it is especially popular amongst the Chinese, which are in fact most of the visitors there.

What is often happening in China is that old traditions are lost and embracing the new can cause imbalance. Here the balance has been skillfully kept, as all the performances are stictly following hundreds, if not thousands of year old traditions. Despite the traditional, it is well known that the Chinese keep on pushing to advance. Once these traditions are well respected the outcome is a true spectacle!

Adding a bit of old Chinese romance is the old architecture of the Chaoyang Theatre building but the show itself is also very colorful and dazzling. As well as full of warm feelings. Such a show-like precence is essential, not just incredible tricks and stunts! As for the stunts however, they have been taken to the extreme, in good style.

Many acrobatic shows in Beijing can be a great dissapointment, but this one is sure to uncover the truth.

So on your next visit to the capital city of China. Head on to 36 North East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Don’t forget to obtain a discount to the show (link above)!

One thought on “Understanding Chinese Acrobatics, First Stop at the Chaoyang Theatre

  1. Good description into the magical world of Chinese acrobats. I am quite attracted to the level of skill that’s being put into these marvelous performances. Nice text you made, cheers!

    Henry M.

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