The Crazy Truth Behind Nuclear Power

I can’t even begin to express myself when it comes towards my attitude towards nuclear power in the world. Many consider it a contradictive subjects, with plenty of benefits of nuclear power. Yet, I cannot believe for a moment that anyone who would support a sustainable world would ever even consider supporting it.

Take the hypocracy of Japan for example. They have invested such huge amounts in nuclear technology, that even though they are in the middle of the worlds biggest nuclear disaster.. they are not ready to give up their arms.

Seeking new deals around the world for new nuclear power plants, while humanity could be over because of the currenyl facing issues with the Fukushima power plant.

The only semi-smart answer to the nuclear issue has been taken in Finland, where they are building an “onkalo” which will host the nuclear waste.. deeply burried under thousands of meters to be forgotten for eternity. How ever the nuclear waist will remain.

Makes you think, really!

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