Chinese E-commerce Websites

The online retail transactions of China run into trillions of dollars. It is a combination of C2C, B2C, and B2B platforms. JD and TMall are the 2 biggest players in the B2C sector. The former accounts for about 20 percent of the online retail market, while the latter accounts for an astounding 50 percent. Other e-commerce sites in terms of market share in descending order include Suning, Tencent, Vip, Amazon China, Dangdang, Gome, YHD, and Vancl.

Chinese Amazon

Besides Aliexpress and Alibaba, some of the most popular e-commerce sites in China are mentioned below!

Taobao: It is the e-commerce platform of Alibaba. It mostly targets C2C transactions, but also attracts many medium and small-sized businesses because of the low cost of setup and high traffic volume.

TMall: It is an extensive e-commerce marketplace offered by the online giant Alibaba. The site hosts numerous manufacturers and brands and has more than 40 million visitors on a daily basis.

Amazon China: It is the China branch of the American online retail global giant and feature products such as software, books, and audio and video. A popular website amongst foreigners living in the mainland, with easy and reliable access to quality goods. Also there is the Amazon China English Version which makes the shopping experience even more favourable towards expats.

Jingdong: It is the biggest and most compressive retailer on the net. It features many brands and products that can be classified into 12 major groups, such as communications/digital, electronic and home appliances, household items, computer, baby and maternal care articles, apparels, tourism items, food, and books.

Yixun/51buy: It is another major online retailer in the country. 51buy is managed and owned by Tencent which was the owner of WeChat, a very successful voice messaging and mobile text service and one of the biggest Chinese web companies.

Suning: It is the online store of one of the main electronic and home appliances retail chain stores in the country. Suning is regarded as one of the most prominent e-commerce marketplace for books, computer, electrical, peripherals, and virtual goods.

Dangdang: It began operations by selling books over the web, just like Amazon, and has now progressed into one the main online retailers in the country. Its comprehensive list of products include apparels, baby and maternal care items, video and audio, books, cosmetics, household items, and 3C articles.

Vipstore: An online retailer that offers flash sales for designer brands and trendy fashions. It is one of the few e-commerce startups from China that has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Yihaodian: It an online e-commerce marketplace that primary sells groceries such as beverages, foods, skin care products, cosmetics, household products, toys, kitchen cleaning items, baby and maternal care products, and electronic appliances.

Gome: This e-commerce marketplace is also an online store of another major Chinese retail chain store for electronic home appliances.

Vancl: Before 2012, this company sold self-branded Tees and was very popular and successful. It has now become a major online retailer with varied products made by them as well as third-party brands and products of others.

Others: Other well-known and popular e-commerce sites in China include,,,,, guomei, and

Benefits of using the Amazon Associates Program

Amazon is the largest e-commerce store in the world. In 2015, it surpassed the popular brick and mortar store ‘Walmart’, as the most valuable retailer in the United States.

Example Screenshot from Amazon Associates Japan

A significant part of the website’s $90 billion revenue comes from associates who refer products on the site. In fact, Amazon, apart from being one of the first movers in the e-commerce, was also one of the first companies to start the online affiliate program. The Amazon Associates Program was started as early as July 1996. There are many people who earn thousands of dollars every month through this program.

How does it all work?

By virtue of this program, Amazon associates can place text links or banners on their website or blogs, which sends the visitor to the Amazon home, offers or products page. Whenever a visitor clicks on the banner or text link on the associate’s blog or website, he or she goes to the specific product page on Amazon. If he or she buys an item (for instance, a book), the associates receives a commission.

Benefits of Amazon Associates Program

  • is now a household name, a trusted brand the world over; which means a user has a higher chance to buy from this site , than any other. Besides, Amazon has competitive rates for their products with regular offers and a no-questions asked money-back policy, in case of dissatisfaction.
  • Amazon offers many tools for the affiliate marketer to use on her website. They are in the form of banners that easily blend with the content on the website, widgets and text links. They also offer Product Advertising API so that the affiliate marketer can get access to a wide range of Amazon products and profit from their from features like ‘similar products’, ‘customer reviews’ and ‘new listings’ which can be included on his or her website.
  • You can benefit from comprehensive reports like earnings reports, daily reports, daily trends and such other tools to maximize his or her performance.
  • You get paid for all the products that a visitor buys by clicking on your affiliate link. For instance, if you have included a particular brand of mobile phone as an affiliate link on your site and the user follows your link to buy other products, you get paid for all of those, as well.

How much commission?

Depending on product categories, you get paid fixed commission. For most product categories, it is 10 percent. Consumer electronics earn 5 percent, gift cards make 5 percent. Clothing and shoes attract 12 percent as affiliate revenue.

In which countries is the program available?

The program is available not just in the United States and Canada which are known as some of the flag stores. You can also join to the programs of the following countries: Japan, Australia, China, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, United Kingdom. For detailed information on joining the Japanese version of Amazon, see this guide for ‘Amazon Associates Japan‘ for more information in English.

How to increase sales and make more money?

  1. Make sure that your website or blog has enough content on the product that you advertise. Simply said, more traffic to your site equates to higher chances of people clicking on the Amazon Associates link to see what is in store for them. A good product comparison site or a review site with good information has an edge.
  2. A niche based website converts better than a generic site. For instance, of going for a music-based website, you can start a guitar-based website, if you intend to sell guitars and string-based instruments through your site.
  3. You can also market your product on social media in the form of a Facebook Business Page or through a Pinterest Board. Regularly update these pages or board with continuous interactive content to get the numbers up and interact with your members. Just make sure that you do not flood your social media page with affiliate links. Less is definitely more.

Hosting Websites with SSL – No Need to be Expensive

Once again, the truth is more astonishing than the fiction. Because I had been living within the understanding, that to host a website with SSL protection is definitely not cheap. Now with the new (or old for some) Google ranking factor, where SSL secured websites are given a little boost in the SERP rankings.. you start to think about the situation again. Is it really worth it to secure a website, and will my users really appriciate the benefit. Well of course it depends on a lot of things, one of which if you are running an online store or not for example. User data is sensitive no matter what, and so does seem to think Google who likes to harvest it all for it’s own use. But I don’t judge, as they are doing their best to promote internet security at the same time. I would love to jump to the times of secure websites and even blogs, such as this trublog if I would have the money. Or so I thought.

Often enough, people have very funny thoughts when they don’t actually know anything about the truth it self. So I went to investigate what was the real deal here. Before even doing a search on Google itself, I went to see a popular website that I know to be an expert in web hosting issues. And turns out it really is my day, because there was a fresh article that explained all about it. For those who want to know more and cant wait, see the SSL web hosting guide for excellent information on the subject of, well, everything SSL & cheap too! It contains a lot of suprising facts, which seem that ever change Google changed it’s rules.. the times have been changing in a big way. Affordable options popping up in many places. While still most web hosting companies are have quite expensive SSL certificate hosting options, they will eventually have to move with the times if they want to get that precious individual customer renevue. Companies will continue to pay big bucks, because it just makes sense. Or does it? Time will tell!

As far as I understood it, pretty much the biggest game changer is Server Name Indication (SNI) technology. It’s an extension for TLS, or Transport Layer Security. What it does, is enable these certificates be verified only by domain which can be under a shared IP address. As many of you know, there are no IP addresses left for sale anymore. Especially as the Chinese have seemed to take quite the liking for the internet if you know what I mean. But before we change to IPv6 completely, the price of an IP address will continue to be high. That’s why it’s just natural to create a solution what doesn’t require any kind of unique or dedicated IP solutions.

This is really wonderful news, and means that you, me or anyone can now easily engage into SSL web hosting sollutions that are not just cheap, but out of the box! Secure internet for everyone, SSL for everyone!

— Nick

PS. I hope you like the new & elegant look of the trublog!

The Amazing Beijing Show of The Jiang Zhou Drum

I previously gave some views on the acrobatic show at Chaoyang Theater. Which continues to be one of the most popular venues in the whole of Beijing. Believe it or not, I have seen it several times since I wrote that article and recommended it to many friends. All of which have been very pleased with the performance. Chinese acrobatics are of high quality, at least the one in Chaoyang district. However it’s not all that.

There is indeed one Beijing drum show, that everyone had anticipated just as the acrobatic one back in the days. And with such a high quality in performance, no wonder it is the same theatre venue, Chaoyang Theater that hosts this show. The troup is coming from “Jiang Zhou” which is the birthplace of the Jiang Zhou Drum. It is very ancient and traditional Chinese instrument, that just as acrobatics, opera and many other forms of performing art take many long years to learn. And when you talk about mastering the art, we are talking in tens of years!

Incredible isn’t it. However, it really needs to be seen as it can be something rather difficult to believe! 🙂 The rhythm of this particular drum is something so intense, that is hard to stay on your seat while you watch the performance. I know because I was one of the lucky ones to experience it first hand.

The show starts with a very atmospheric mood as the lights turn off and the drumming starts with subtle tones… however, once the show is in full swing, bright lights are lit and the speed of r the drumming has become so fast that it’s hard to believe they have perfected the whole thing in such an elite level. It makes me exited just thinking about it. Still not so many westerners don’t know about this performance but the truth is that the Beijing locals have already fell in love with it. And that’s for a reason!

— Nick

Competing In The Real World

There are many different ways to win in this world. Some people like to think of everyone as a winner, while some think only a few can truly win. Of course it all depends on the perspective that you want to take on the issue. But for sure, there are different ways to win, or lose.

The traditional method of winning is by entering competitions and hoping that you get lucky. But the fact is that most people will not be able to win in this way. Those who have a lot of time to spend will most likely win something in their lives like that and indeed that attitude is not bad at all. If you don’t bet, you cannot win they say. And that applies to everything from lottery coupons to your wife.

The other method is competition without depending on luck. We all know what that is about, as everyone is subject to this kind of competition during their lives. Society is simply built that way, you cannot just be, you have to be better than others or something. Otherwise you cannot survive, because unfortunately in this world there are still many people who simply cease to exist if they are unable to compete.

But the third one, is the one above all. It’s a way of thinking that the truth is that everyone is a winner and there are simply no losers in this world. And the magic is that simply by “thinking in this way”, one is able to win. It’s really true and it works.. I mean, there is simply no argument against it. And why not live in that kind of a place.. it’s actually real freedom and equality where everyone who thinks they have won, wins!


Documentation Vs Blogs

Nowadays lot of people are too lazy to read documentation. Some say it’s because there are so many blogs nowadays offering useful information, that it’s simply easier to search on Google than to search from a documentation. Or even finding the official documentation could be easier. While it’s partly true, it’s definitely not the whole truth at all.

Recently I put up a site for a friend of mine and we couldn’t find the rss feed url. Reading through all the documentation a company as huge as WordPress has to offer would have never gotten us the answer. Finally a blog post about WordPress missing RSS feed gave me the simple solution in an instant!

The other side of the truth is that documentation is not optimized. Documentation is basically meant to explain to you the workings of a certain program or interface for example. I don’t think they are even intended in problem solving. For this blog such as these are simply perfect!

So it’s nothing to do with laziness, it’s more like the evolution of the internet. Documentation did not evolve.. so someone else had to. And now there is a whole market for this kind of thing.

The Crazy Truth Behind Nuclear Power

I can’t even begin to express myself when it comes towards my attitude towards nuclear power in the world. Many consider it a contradictive subjects, with plenty of benefits of nuclear power. Yet, I cannot believe for a moment that anyone who would support a sustainable world would ever even consider supporting it.

Take the hypocracy of Japan for example. They have invested such huge amounts in nuclear technology, that even though they are in the middle of the worlds biggest nuclear disaster.. they are not ready to give up their arms.

Seeking new deals around the world for new nuclear power plants, while humanity could be over because of the currenyl facing issues with the Fukushima power plant.

The only semi-smart answer to the nuclear issue has been taken in Finland, where they are building an “onkalo” which will host the nuclear waste.. deeply burried under thousands of meters to be forgotten for eternity. How ever the nuclear waist will remain.

Makes you think, really!

Another Quest of Truth in Shanghai

Shanghai is a buzzing place. If one likes cities, it’s hard not to like it. However the truth is that it’s not that developed as people like to think. Thank god the city still retains it’s coastal warmth of it’s people, dirty streets and air. Compare to Beijing for example, the air is totally different. They might have a similar level in pollution, but the thick sea breeze simply fills the nostrils and ultimately brains of these people. Resulting in a very laid back, “southern style” atmosphere. In the tall office building however, air conditioners keep business men from falling into the lazy trap of actually enjoying life.

Naturally visitors will want to get entertained. But sometimes the warn down style just doesn’t bite for westerners, and for a good reason too. Take acrobatics (the subject I so love) for example. If you enter the wrong theater you just might think you are in North Korea or perhaps you start to feel sick and leave the theater before the moist walls creep on you!

So that’s the trick in Shanghai basically. You need to balance your life between what’s needed to be luxury and what’s needed to be messed up. Living only one of the worlds will leave you with a big gap in common understanding of the city.

Go to a crappy noodle joint and you will see people with suits. Why? Because their city is their life. All the bits, be it dirty or marble stone. This is the essence you have to understand, in order to understand!

For the shows I would recommend Shanghai Center Theater since it’s the most modern and the most “not boring”. They have all the usual acrobatic traits going on and you can safely sit on “non-moldy” chairs with a pleasant conditioned air.

Despite being the most polished.. I loved the interaction with the crowd and it really seemed like they had seen great effort in making it all very very enjoyable. Not just to repeat the same thing over and over again.

But then again, some like tradition more. So why not try Huxi if you are into that kind of a thing. It’s a very small and cute theater with a very local group doing what they do best.. throw plates in the air and balance on top of chairs. You know the stuff.

It’s exactly this contrast between tradition, and modern which makes my visit pleasant. Just accept it and go with the flow. The Shanghainese way!

Are Japanese Really Shy?

It’s no secret that many foreigners think that Japanese are shy people. Including the Japanese themselves, they have become convinced (mainly through) outside pressure that they are so.

Alright, of course there are shy people in Japan. This is something that cannot be denied, just like in any country. But simply to think that a nation is “shy” is a somewhat shallow conclusion to a bigger picture. The truth is that Japanese are shy and are not shy.

To understand all this, a good place to start looking is where it all started. Well, Japanese are very polite people in general and don’t like to give out their emotions to strangers. Does this make them shy? Well, not yet.

What makes them shy are the same very reasons why westerners are shy. This is something that I wont go into because it’s a totally new topic all together. But calling people shy because their culture has a different way of behaving is just ridiculous.

In fact, I have found out that Japanese people are very capable of showing their emotions and strongly too. Just unfortunately they cannot do it in the public, so they have different ways.. such as family, girl friend or even the bath tub!

That’s true. At least before, one of the most important functions of bathing was to remove fatigue that was collected through a stressful day where you are not allowed to scream to your boss. Makes all since! However not shy!

Understanding Chinese Acrobatics, First Stop at the Chaoyang Theatre

Since we have extensively covered some realities of various performing art forms in China, I thought that it would be fair to also give a glimpse to the world of Chinese Acrobatics. In order to dwell into the origins of this ancient art form, one of the best places for such insight is the Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing.

This old theatre has seen years and years of stage performances and thus is one of the main witnesses of the evolution of Chinese Acrobatics. The theatre has hard fought it’s position in the theatre world and to understand it’s significance as an highly important landmark symbol in Beijing, one has to understand that it is located in the midst of new highrise office buildings. The city where demolition of old buildings is done without much thought, this building has survived.

The reason is not of the building, but what happens inside of it. Until this day, daily shows are performed that teach tourists from all over the world what are the capabilities of Chinese acrobats. Some suspect that the venue is too touristic for such an insightful view, however it is especially popular amongst the Chinese, which are in fact most of the visitors there.

What is often happening in China is that old traditions are lost and embracing the new can cause imbalance. Here the balance has been skillfully kept, as all the performances are stictly following hundreds, if not thousands of year old traditions. Despite the traditional, it is well known that the Chinese keep on pushing to advance. Once these traditions are well respected the outcome is a true spectacle!

Adding a bit of old Chinese romance is the old architecture of the Chaoyang Theatre building but the show itself is also very colorful and dazzling. As well as full of warm feelings. Such a show-like precence is essential, not just incredible tricks and stunts! As for the stunts however, they have been taken to the extreme, in good style.

Many acrobatic shows in Beijing can be a great dissapointment, but this one is sure to uncover the truth.

So on your next visit to the capital city of China. Head on to 36 North East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Don’t forget to obtain a discount to the show (link above)!